We keep your farm running

We are PlatformF!

A fast growing, data-driven start-up who brings several parties in the agri chain together.
PlatformF focusses on value creation for the farmer and the different suppliers and partners of the farmer.

We are at the very beginning of the international launch of a new product.
A very exciting time!

If you are energetic, eCommerce-savvy, top notch colleague,
with guts, humor and always ready to go the extra mile...

We are looking for you!

The chance to help launch our product internationally 

An energetic &  innovative place where you can learn & grow

A team of smart people with a good sense of humour

A superb location amongst other start-ups and scale-ups

Celebrating milestones and fun loving


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Our mission

The agricultural sector makes a huge contribution to our society. The sector supplies work and, of course, food and is therefore indispensable. The Netherlands supply products and knowledge all over the world in the field of agriculture, making it an important exporter.

The agri sector is facing a lot of challenges nowadays such as succession planning, rules and regulation, shortage of agricultural land and international competition. The European and national regulatory legislation provide challenges. Small farms have trouble keeping afloat due to a lack of knowledge sharing and shortage on employees and possible successors, while big farms struggle with implementing the technical possibilities that are at hand.

By providing them with a platform where they can easily access and share valuable information and build and maintain their network, the agri-sector is able to and create and maintain a sustainable future. PlatformF will focus on connecting and improving. We work closely together with all parties in the value chain and strive to bring great start-ups, scale-ups and corporates together. The platform will contain many added value features for farmers but starts with marketplace functionalities.

We are in a very early stage, therefore we don’t have a brand yet and will operate in the first months under the name of PlatformF.